Sunday, August 15, 2010

How (not) to Tattoo a Goat Kid

My dad and I tattooed Dehlia yesterday. Here's a tip . . . always tattoo goat kids when they're very small and you can fit them into a holding box. I ended up getting beat up by a 30# dairy kid.

First I had the bright idea to put Dehlia on her back, sit over her, pin her head on the ground to have access to both ears. Not so bright. I ended up getting kicked really bad. After some more wrestling I got her pinned on the ground on her side . . . squashed the poor kids head under my arm, and held onto that ear for dear life. I made my dad have the honor of clamping the tattoo onto the ear (hopefully its not upside down!) We switched the letters and tattooed the other ear.

A minute or two later and Dehlia was running like a march hare around the yard, following dad and I as we went about our business. So cute and unscathed!

1. Tattoo kids when they're young
2. Remember gloves and wear old clothes
3. Bring a hypodermic needle in case you need to re-do a letter
4. Cleanse the spot with rubbing alcohol
5. Rub the spot with ink
6. Clamp the pliers super hard (auto release is marvelous)
7. Rub more ink into the holes for 15 seconds
8. Now the other ear
9. Done! Give the goat kid some lovin'

It was certainly interesting ;) I probably got more ink on my body than on Dehlia's ears.

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