Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Heehee, great title!

Have you ever heard of coccidiosis? Its a sickness caused by the little protozoans called Coccidia. The parasites cause diarrhea, vomiting, and some times death.

All livestock have a certain amount of coccidia in their intestines. When the count becomes to large for the animal to handle, they start showing symptoms.

We had one doeling last year that probably had coccidiosis when she was being weaned. There's a possibility that my doelings don't grow like they should because of three things:

1. Purina Goat Chow isn't giving them the nutrition they need.
2. Worm overload.
3. Coccidia overload.

Remember my post about milk fever and ketosis? Well, its possible there's a worm overload or once again, the Goat Chow. Milk fever and ketosis are preventable with proper nutrition which makes me guess Purina isn't doing something right. The average person would think that a scientist formulated feed would cover all your bases . . . at least thats what I thought before my second doe came down with milk fever.

How to treat coccidia? With a drug called Albon, or sulfadimethoxine and treating the kids once a month until they're 8 months old. But then there goes my dreams of having an organic farm.

What are your thoughts? Would you sacrifice the future health and productive life of your livestock in order to have an 'organic' farm?

But then isn't Albon once a month much better than using medicated feed for that whole time?

Before signing out to work on the Studio . . . this coming paycheck will definitely find itself paying for a fecal on my doelings. Then we'll know for sure if Coccidia are lurking in the kidpen, keeping my darling kids from growing.

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  1. Wow! You lost me, haha... you're so knowledgeable!! Hope you figure out what's wrong and that you do whatever you feel is best. I don't know what I'd do in your shoes.