Monday, July 19, 2010

Project: Studio

When my older sis got married and moved out, she still had some items in her storage area in our basement. This past week I've been working on packing everything in boxes, moving everything out, cleaning like there's no tomorrow, and praying the spiders can't crawl out of the shopvac. It will be my personal space for doing homework, crafting, sewing, packaging/shipping, and vegging out. An overstuffed chair is an absolute requirement in the "O-zone" as an older sib so lovingly calls it ;)

Anyways, here's a picture from the entry way for *before* purposes. Today I'm working on priming the drywall and second coating the cement walls.

So basically its just an unattractive unfinished basement storage room. I think I'm gonna paint the walls a 'pool' color . . . its somewhere in between seafoam, aqua, and teal. For some reason blue always evokes inspiration for me.

Dad was in the process of building a bathroom but got distracted and returned the sink :) Maybe we'll get him to pick it up again! At least I'm hoping he'll hang drywall on this side . . .

Underneath the stairs will be my storage area for lye, oils, soap supplies, crafting supplies, essential oils, etc. The shelf at the back will be the curing rack for soaps and a table will be on the right wall for the packaging center. My mom's rock collection at the back right corner will be moving soon ;)


  1. Looks like a lot of work! :)
    But how nice once you get it all finished.

  2. No kidding! Too bad I didn't get pics of it before I started cleaning ;)

    I don't think we'll ever make a 'finished' room down there but some paint and curtains will work wonders.