Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Studio Postponed

"I'm just one stomach flu away from . . . " finishing my studio :(

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Studio Progress: Nearly Done Painting :)

Talk about blisters, sore muscles as well as temporary idiocy from paint fumes! Nearly Done!!!! Tomorrow after church I get to paint my special designs on the walls (its a secret) and then begin working on painting the floor. Tuesday the room should be all ready to start moving in :)

The palette includes:

Or in Walmart terms, Wintergreen and Painted Desert. A pottery barn catolog made my decision final about going with a seafoam/teal/mint color. But then its also an overpowering color so I went with a neutral sand to warm things up a bit. Just wait until the designs are painted on!!!!!

Viewing from the entry.

The rock collection corner.

Viewing towards the entry.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Update on Project: Studio

All the priming is done! So is are the second coats on the cement walls! I even painted part of the closet!!!

First pic is from the entry, second is the closet, and last is the previously unpainted corner with the rock collection ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Heehee, great title!

Have you ever heard of coccidiosis? Its a sickness caused by the little protozoans called Coccidia. The parasites cause diarrhea, vomiting, and some times death.

All livestock have a certain amount of coccidia in their intestines. When the count becomes to large for the animal to handle, they start showing symptoms.

We had one doeling last year that probably had coccidiosis when she was being weaned. There's a possibility that my doelings don't grow like they should because of three things:

1. Purina Goat Chow isn't giving them the nutrition they need.
2. Worm overload.
3. Coccidia overload.

Remember my post about milk fever and ketosis? Well, its possible there's a worm overload or once again, the Goat Chow. Milk fever and ketosis are preventable with proper nutrition which makes me guess Purina isn't doing something right. The average person would think that a scientist formulated feed would cover all your bases . . . at least thats what I thought before my second doe came down with milk fever.

How to treat coccidia? With a drug called Albon, or sulfadimethoxine and treating the kids once a month until they're 8 months old. But then there goes my dreams of having an organic farm.

What are your thoughts? Would you sacrifice the future health and productive life of your livestock in order to have an 'organic' farm?

But then isn't Albon once a month much better than using medicated feed for that whole time?

Before signing out to work on the Studio . . . this coming paycheck will definitely find itself paying for a fecal on my doelings. Then we'll know for sure if Coccidia are lurking in the kidpen, keeping my darling kids from growing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Project: Studio

When my older sis got married and moved out, she still had some items in her storage area in our basement. This past week I've been working on packing everything in boxes, moving everything out, cleaning like there's no tomorrow, and praying the spiders can't crawl out of the shopvac. It will be my personal space for doing homework, crafting, sewing, packaging/shipping, and vegging out. An overstuffed chair is an absolute requirement in the "O-zone" as an older sib so lovingly calls it ;)

Anyways, here's a picture from the entry way for *before* purposes. Today I'm working on priming the drywall and second coating the cement walls.

So basically its just an unattractive unfinished basement storage room. I think I'm gonna paint the walls a 'pool' color . . . its somewhere in between seafoam, aqua, and teal. For some reason blue always evokes inspiration for me.

Dad was in the process of building a bathroom but got distracted and returned the sink :) Maybe we'll get him to pick it up again! At least I'm hoping he'll hang drywall on this side . . .

Underneath the stairs will be my storage area for lye, oils, soap supplies, crafting supplies, essential oils, etc. The shelf at the back will be the curing rack for soaps and a table will be on the right wall for the packaging center. My mom's rock collection at the back right corner will be moving soon ;)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Don't Worry ~ Enjoy TODAY!

One day I was soooo stressed, wondering about all those "what ifs". Then God brought an inspiring thought to mind.


Tomorrow will come soon enough. Tomorrow is NOT today. I need to enjoy what I have today because tomorrow it may be gone . . . but worry has no place in today. Leave worry in the past or the future, but not today. Worrying about tomorrow has been ruining countless 'todays'; sucking them into a black abyss of worry, never to be returned. All those hours I wasted worrying when I could have been ENJOYING life.

Life isn't a coupon. You can't redeem it for the days you've wasted worrying.

I'm going to start enjoying 'today'. How about you?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lovely Lavender Soap

Idlewylde's newest soap! Scented with pure 100% natural Lavender essential oil. This soap is captivating, heady, yet very refreshing. As a soap-maker I can't legally make any claims, but aromatherapists use Lavender to relax stress-prone individuals.

This batch turned out excellent after an extended curing time :) Surprisingly, lav. eo has a slight minty afternote . . . who would have thought!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Spiritual Kick in the Pants ~ Courtesy of Oswald Chambers

I read "Hinds Feet on High Places" a few years ago. The words "though He slay me, yet will I trust Him" were burned into my memory. Ridiculous, isn't it? Loving and trusting God so much that even when your earthly life is falling to pieces, you continue to follow Him.

Oswald Chambers has always been difficult to understand . . . until a few days ago.

Ye Are Not Your Own

Why shouldn't we go through heartbreaks? Through those doorways God is opening up ways of fellowship with His Son. Most of us fall and collapse at the first grip of pain; we sit down on the threshold of God's purpose and die away of self-pity, and all so called Christian sympathy will aid us to our death bed. But God will not. He comes with the grip of the pierced hand of His Son, and says--'Enter into fellowship with Me; arise and shine.' If through a broken heart God can bring His purposes to pass in the world, then thank Him for breaking your heart.

. . . though He slay me, yet will I trust Him . . .

After Surrender--What?

God never crushes a man's will into surrender, He never beseeches him, He waits until the man yields up his will to Him.

The Consciousness of the Call

If a man or woman is called of God, it does not matter how untoward circumstances are, every force that has been at work will tell for god's purpose in the end. If you agree with God's purpose He will bring not only your conscious life, but all the deeper regions of your life which you cannot get at, into harmony.

Don't Think Now, Take the Road

"And Peter . . . walked on the water to go to Jesus. But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid."
The wind was actually boisterous, the waves were actually high, but Peter did not see them at first. He did not reckon with them, he simply recognized his Lord and stepped out in recognition of Him, and walked on the water. Then he began to reckon with the actual things, and down he went instantly . . . We step right out on God over some things, then self-consideration enters in and down we go. If you are recognizing your Lord, you have no business with where He engineers your circumstances. The actual things ARE, but immediately you look at them you are overwhelmed, you cannot recognize Jesus, and the rebuke comes . . .
If you debate for a second when God has spoken, it is all up. Never begin to say--"Well, I wonder if He did speak?" Be reckless immediately, fling it all out on Him. You do not know when His voice will come, but whenever the realization of God comes in the faintest way imaginable, recklessly abandon. It is only by abandon that you recognize Him. You will only realize His voice more clearly by recklessness.

Success isn't whether you're famous or dirt poor . . . true success is following God wholeheartedly. A backwoods hillbilly can be the most successful man if he's doing what God wants :)

God is working in my life in huge ways right now. Trying to figure out what God wants me to do for school is the most pressing issue on my heart. Should I stay where I am right now? Or give up life as I know it, move to the other side of the country and go to school for Compassion Ministry (counseling)? One offers a slight feeling of security even though I'd be living amidst current storms. The other offers freedom from storms, yet a total and complete sacrifice of my way of life, hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

Anyways, Chambers gave me a kick in the spiritual pants. Giving up isn't an option. God never said things would be easy. It should be a pleasure to share the teensiest piece of pain that He went through.

Love the ones who push you away.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Tonight was not good. It was un-good. In fact, it was a very crappy night.

First. It was raining dogs, cats, goats, and horses. Lightening was weaving magic through the clouds. Thunder growled at me. All this during chore time.

Second. I just finished writing down the weights of my baby goats in my goat notebook when a familia member said . . . "Why is pebbles on the milking stand?" Sure enough, the brown rabbit hopped over the electric fence (in the rain), got thoroughly soaked, and bawled her head off until I came out to milk almost an hour early.

Third. Pebbles decided to shake the water off her body while I was just getting the last of the milk out. Wet goat water went all inside the milk bucket. Do you honestly think I'm going to drink that milk?!?!? NOPE! The baby goat had nearly two quarts of milk donated to it.

Fourth. I kinda broke one of my favorite snowflake dessert plates.

Fifth. I think I swallowed a chicken bone in my scalloped potatoes and ham.

Sixth. The fam kicked me downstairs to finish watching "So you think you can dance" which Fox 11 covered up with its 'urgent' weather reports that weren't even in my area.

Hopefully my unfortunate night will make you laugh . . .