Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

What dreary weather we've been having lately. It seems like nearly everyday is raining. Some of our newly planted annuals from the garden center have been murdered by frost. "Santa Claus 3" lied . . . Frost hasn't shaped up. I also mistakenly shaved my does and planted gladiolus. Now I have squashy annual beds and goats in sweaters runnin' around all over the place :{

A good thing: I'm almost done with this semester!!! Only another week or so and I'll have a break until the summer semester. January is going to be my summer vacation by the way.

Another good thing: I finally ordered essential oils from WSP! I got Citronella for making Bug Off soap and fly spray for my horse and goats. Plus Lavender 40/42 for yummy lavender soap.

Although the world around me is dark, mucky, and wet . . . I shall keep my chin up and think of good things ;) Psalm 91:6 has a marvelous verse about God's protection. Toodles.

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