Monday, May 31, 2010

New Arrival!!!!

Welcome to Red Brick Farm, little one :)

Please pardon the messy container . . . the iodine for the umbilical cord always scares everyone ;) And the hairy monster peaking over the edge is what my dog looks like at 6 in the morning without a hair binder.

Although the last three nights have only held 3-5 hours of sleep, I attempted to identify the kid's gender. I'm pretty sure its a girl!!! Now if someone comes over and tells me that its a boy, I shall be deeply embarrassed . . . but for the fact that I'm nodding off over the keyboard, there may be some excuse for my mental state.

The kid will be named Dehlia. But if, for some reason, I guessed wrong, it'll be called Stanley. Now I just have to work on the registration name! She looks so much like her momma except she has white markings where her mom is only brown with black points.

And here she is trying to dance at less than a day old!

Hasta luego.

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