Thursday, May 20, 2010


Red Brick Farm has two new arrivals!!!

Meet Starlight.

And Sweetie Pie!

But so far this picture is my favorite ;)

Aren't they perfectly adorable?!?!?! They were born in March and are so sweet. My friend raised them and did a marvelous job as usual ;) I wuv goaties!

Starlight and Sweetie Pie are joined at the shoulder they are so attached to each other. One never leaves the other. They eat together, drink together, graze together, and cuddle up by each other at night. So cute! By the way, its so nice to have kids in the kid pen again!!!!

And Pebbles is due any day now . . . her kid will be registered as a grade Nubian with the ADGA. I've already gotten the kidding bucket ready and will be getting an order ready for Hoegger Supply for a disbudding tool, a tatoo kit, and a couple much-needed goat items.

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