Monday, May 31, 2010

New Arrival!!!!

Welcome to Red Brick Farm, little one :)

Please pardon the messy container . . . the iodine for the umbilical cord always scares everyone ;) And the hairy monster peaking over the edge is what my dog looks like at 6 in the morning without a hair binder.

Although the last three nights have only held 3-5 hours of sleep, I attempted to identify the kid's gender. I'm pretty sure its a girl!!! Now if someone comes over and tells me that its a boy, I shall be deeply embarrassed . . . but for the fact that I'm nodding off over the keyboard, there may be some excuse for my mental state.

The kid will be named Dehlia. But if, for some reason, I guessed wrong, it'll be called Stanley. Now I just have to work on the registration name! She looks so much like her momma except she has white markings where her mom is only brown with black points.

And here she is trying to dance at less than a day old!

Hasta luego.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Strawberry Transplanting Secrets

If you've ever had a patch of strawberries, you know the frustration you get when spending all day transplanting those runners only to find them wilted at the end of the day. Here's some trade secrets I've discovered and had a HUGE success rate this year!

Its sooooo important to do this right when the frost leaves the ground! You're just wasting your time when transplanting in late spring-summer.

1. Thoroughly SOAK the runner-plants you are about to transplant. Make sure their soil is muddy and squashy ;) This enables you to get ALL the roots out of the soil. I stick a trowel about 4 inches away from the plant and lift the plant partially out of the ground. Then I grab the plant's crown and pull straight up. Since you turned your patch into a swamp, the entire plant easily slides out.

2. Place all your runner plants into a bucket of water. Do NOT let the plants dry out.

3. Next, dig a small hole where you want a plant to grow. Inside the bottom of the hole, make a little mountain of dirt so the strawberry plant's crown is resting on top the mountain. Then carefully cover the roots with dirt. Gently pack the soil making sure there are no air pockets (which will dry out the roots) and create a small trench around each plant for water.

4. WATER thoroughly. TWICE if you need to :) Fill up those trenches.

5. Water every morning a few weeks after planting until the plant is well established and happy looking! Plants don't like to be watered in the midday when they sunburn, or in the night when they'll get 'wet feet'. The morning is the best.

6. PLEASE pick off those strawberry blossoms! I know its painful spending all that time transplanting and then picking off the blossoms, but it will be worth it. All first year plantings should never be allowed to blossom or fruit. Wanna know why? The plant will be spending all its reserves trying to produce small-seedy fruit instead of growing and preparing for winter. You'll get an excellent crop of strawberries the second year if you religiously pick off those blooms. Otherwise -- assuming your plants even survive the winter -- they'll never produce too much in their lifetime if allowed to fruit the first year.

Well folks, thats all I can think of for now! Until next time ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Red Brick Farm has two new arrivals!!!

Meet Starlight.

And Sweetie Pie!

But so far this picture is my favorite ;)

Aren't they perfectly adorable?!?!?! They were born in March and are so sweet. My friend raised them and did a marvelous job as usual ;) I wuv goaties!

Starlight and Sweetie Pie are joined at the shoulder they are so attached to each other. One never leaves the other. They eat together, drink together, graze together, and cuddle up by each other at night. So cute! By the way, its so nice to have kids in the kid pen again!!!!

And Pebbles is due any day now . . . her kid will be registered as a grade Nubian with the ADGA. I've already gotten the kidding bucket ready and will be getting an order ready for Hoegger Supply for a disbudding tool, a tatoo kit, and a couple much-needed goat items.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

What dreary weather we've been having lately. It seems like nearly everyday is raining. Some of our newly planted annuals from the garden center have been murdered by frost. "Santa Claus 3" lied . . . Frost hasn't shaped up. I also mistakenly shaved my does and planted gladiolus. Now I have squashy annual beds and goats in sweaters runnin' around all over the place :{

A good thing: I'm almost done with this semester!!! Only another week or so and I'll have a break until the summer semester. January is going to be my summer vacation by the way.

Another good thing: I finally ordered essential oils from WSP! I got Citronella for making Bug Off soap and fly spray for my horse and goats. Plus Lavender 40/42 for yummy lavender soap.

Although the world around me is dark, mucky, and wet . . . I shall keep my chin up and think of good things ;) Psalm 91:6 has a marvelous verse about God's protection. Toodles.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flowers as Promised

Sorry its a few days later than I expected ;) A handful of my favorite spring photos!

And more to come! The tulips are up next.