Thursday, April 22, 2010


Okay, one of the reasons I made this blog was to showcase my flowers each year ;) I promise to post some pictures in the next couple days! The tulips are nearly blooming so you can probably tell I'm quite late.
Check back for photos of my landscaping!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

News and Such

It looks like Pebbles is pregnant!!! I finally felt something teensy kicking around in there ;) Hopefully I'm right and it wasn't her breakfast. She's 3 1/2 months and is due in June. *sigh* another June-ish baby . . . meaning I'll have a sassy little yearling running around the pasture.

Clover is a living testament that yearlings with no responsibilities get naughty! Got my first official head butt from that goat. But then again I suppose its difficult for a yearling to avoid the human walking through the whole pasture and decide to go tearing up to that human without realizing maybe its a good thing to stop first. *sigh*

Yesterday I was able to take some new soap flavors to Dew Hills. Lemondrops, Unscented, and Chocolate were the ones I left. I'm also working on putting up some internet advertisements.

The flowers are absolutely gorgeous! The spring bulbs are coming up everywhere!!! The crocuses, snowdrops, and tete-a-tete daffies are already gone for the year. And the bulbs I planted around the mailbox are also blooming! Our blue grape hyacinths have popped up and the odd tulips and daffies on the hill are going to bloom any day. The highlight of this windy day--my cherry tree is starting to get blossom buds. The tree has been in our yard for 5 years (this summer) so a small crop of cherries is very exciting.

Friday was gardening day. We worked on the herb garden, a patch of formal landscaping, and a tulip bed. The formal landscaping is overrun with violets and violas. I was able to rescue some of them and transplant them into the tulip bed--according to a new modern gardening technique. There were also some leftover to liven up the sparse rose bed.

Our kitchen floor is covered with seed starting flats ;) Burpee's Sweet Pepper Mix, Rosemary, and two Big Max Pumpkins were started. We also planted more of Burpee's Tutti Fruitti Lupines, Chinese Forget-me-nots and no-name Petunias, Snapdragons, Zinnias, and Sweet William. My sister gave me some Park seeds for Mexican Blanket Flowers and Sea Star Asters (which are growing marvelously). The heirloom lavender had some issues and then came down with fungus (the kind that gets zinnias) so I treated it and we'll see what happens. I might just have to concede and grow hybrid lavender :(

Soap making is on halt at the moment from a lack of vegetable shortening! But Idlewylde is dreaming up a new batch of 'Lavender' and 'Milk and Honey' once the soap pot is back in business.

Well, studying for a test is calling me. Whoever might read this, hopefully you're not bored to tears from my bantering about flowers, goats, and soap ;)