Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yummo! Lemongrass soap smelled heavenly today!!!! It made the whole house aromatic and citrusy. I think next time I soap with EO's it would be a snazzy idea to use a fan to blow fumes away . . . EO's are highly concentrated and it probably wasn't too smart breathing it all in :{

I burnt my tongue on the yummo coffee at church today :(

We filled up some of the birdfeeders with black oil sunflower seeds . . . if you fill them, 'they' will come.

My friend is going to be selling me two gorgeous baby doelings this spring!!!!!!!!!!!

There's still a chance Pebbles (the yearling) is pregnant :)

I baked an apple pie.

Now I need to go sew a designer doggie pillow/bed for my puppy, create a diaper for her out of a human baby cloth diaper (for her heat cycles), and then create a pattern for a clothing piece I'm envisioning!!!!

My chocolate soap is now available on my etsy shop,

I cannot wait to plan out the seed order!

Oh, and the lamb's ears, lemon balm, thyme, and chamomile all survived the winter :)

And poor guys . . . the man soap is still on the back burner.


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