Saturday, March 13, 2010


My soaps are now being displayed at Dew Hills Gifts and Greetings . . . an amazing shop where you can get delish coffee and food! I left 5 coffee soaps and 2 chamomile so we'll see where it goes from there. That pink dell laptop doesn't look to far off :) I do have a sneaking suspicion I will 'have' to make soap more than once a week from now on. Oh, what torture ;)

If all goes well, tomorrow I will make some unscented GM soap . . . and if I feel adventurous, that 'man soap' we've been putting off.

Also, methinks lavender will be my first Essential Oil purchase.

Other than that, now our yard is a giant mud pit! The poor goaties cannot avoid stepping in wetness--they've been quite the little troopers lately. The snowdrops and crocuses should start growing the end of this month with the daffys not too far behind. Last fall I designed a small bed around the mailbox with tulips, daffys, and snake lilies . . . anticipation!!!

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