Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Un-molding

My chocolate soap is a success! It has a very interesting scent. What baffles me are the morphing color changes. I un-molded the soap (it was a light tan color), let it sit on the counter for an hour where it turned orange. Then I cut the tan-orange log and placed the bars on the curing shelf. I came back a few hours later . . . the inside of the bars turned PURPLE-ish!

Gel was prevented and there were no other additives to produce such an odd change.

At least I have two bars with cool swirls ;)

Soap is so weird ;) Once we make our 'man soap' then we're going to try Pumpkin Soap, another batch of Unscented, and then some Carrot Soap!

Yeah, and my list of stuff to buy for kidding season . . . that's gonna be post-poned. I want to wait until April 1st. Pebbles would be 3 months along and her kid hopefully kicking up a ruckus in momma's tummy! Then we would know for sure ;)

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