Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sold Out

My batch of coffee soap . . . its all spoken for! I talked with a local coffee shop owner who is willing to put my soaps on consignment!!!!! We only have one teensy sample for ourselves ;)

To keep ahead of things, I made more coffee soap today. I wuv it! The man soap will be postponed until this coming Sunday.

Hmmmmm, otherwise today was gorgeous. The sun was shining, snow melting, and although the pasture is a mud pit, it was pretty amazing outside. My dad was elected to help measure our horse for a winter blanket. Talk about amusing. Ever since the vet tried taking a rectal temp, the poor horse doesn't trust strange objects near her hiney :)

Yup. Then my lab mutt got loose and decided to visit all the neighbors. There was me, walking down the road in muck boots, whistling like an idiot. Have I mentioned its shedding season? A horse person instinctively knows the day shedding starts . . . when you find horse hair on your mittens, jeans, boots, sweaters, and sometimes in between your teeth.

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