Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Man Soap

Yay! We finally made the man soap!!! I took a blend of lots of herbs that smelled, well--'manly'. Then I infused them into olive oil for a couple weeks and then added the mix + some cumin at trace. The soap pot was super fragrant when cleaning up :) We'll see if any of the scents carry through. The color ended up plain tan instead of greenish like I wanted :{

This coming Sunday I'd like to try my hand at Milk and Honey soap. When adding honey to an unscented base its supposed to end up smelling like a sweet bread dough!!!

After that, maybe a batch of Oatmeal again . . . minus the chamomile this time.

For the farm: if Pebbles is pregnant, she is officially 3 months along. I'm seeing some changes but its so hard to tell right now. Not feeling anything kicking yet either.

Also I've been designing a tunic top/dress with a wide neckline. I have the garment base completed but it still needs some embellishing. Then I need to figure out how to model it . . . hmmm who can I torture ;)

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