Monday, March 1, 2010

Chocolate Milk Soap! And other updates ;)

Yep, I'm at it again! Yesterday I made some chocolate GM soap. It was sooo hard melting Baker's chocolate! But I ended up doing it with a 'double boiler' method ;) We didn't have any cocoa to add to it, plus I heard too much powdered cocoa can give you brown, staining bubbles -- ick! Too much of any chocolate can lend adverse effects but hopefully I did okay. This time I used freezer paper to line the mold; it is waxed on one side. Wax paper is lined on both sides and I think the soap's heat ended up gluing the paper to the inside of the mold.

What I'm hoping for:
SMOOTH, buttery texture
A nice warm brown color
Slight chocolate scent

*Update on Previous Soap* The Chamomile infused Oatmeal soap finished curing yesterday and it is marvelous!
Slight, sweet clover scent (from the chamomile).
Medium suds in hard water! (from amending my recipe)
The large half-moon shapes are great for high-traffic kitchen sinks!
The chamomile heads are not scratchy but gently exfoliating!!!
It is another great bar for eczema :) Chamomile and Oatmeal soothe and reduce inflammation.

*Update on Millie*
She's doing much better! No more shivering, low temps, or 'off'-ness. She's getting that twinkle back in her eye!!! I'll continue feeding her 5 generic Tums a day until this Friday (two weeks total). Also I'm considering supplementing her hay with Alfalfa pellets to provide extra protein and calcium without feeding her grain . . . we'll see. Adios Milk Fever.

This Sunday I'll try my first "Man Soap" recipe. Things to remember; a lot of men hate scratchy things (why do you think Hanes started making tag-less undies!), flowery scents, small soap bars . . . and I forgot the rest. Sorry, eh!

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