Friday, March 19, 2010

Aura Cacia

Hmmmm, Lemongrass *spoken with a french accent*

I paid 3-4 times more than I should have, but I finally purchased my very first essential oil to soap with! At first I was disappointed at how stinky most of the EO's were, but once lemongrass reached my nosey, it was love at first smell. Think lemon drop candy!!!!!

If I can replenish my coconut oil, then my first scented batch will be completed this Sunday.

Yuppers, it was a busy day today.

The fam went out to town, got coffees, pizza, raided the mall, and purchased bird seeds from the feed mill. What a doll of a day ;) My most recent dollar store finds: a pink flowerpot with little ladybugs and 'grown with love' imprinted in the ceramic, a pink beaded wind-chime, and two packs of gladiola corms!!! I wuv dollar stores.

Come to think of it, two sundays ago I fell in love with an item at Target. It was in the dollar section - meoohaahahahaha - a white coffee mug with a gray and white shih-tzu adorning the front. It has little pink bows in its hair, and just happens to look like my own pup. Have I ever mentioned how much I wuv dollar finds? ;)

Other than all that jazz I'm trying to sell all my saddles :{ Its not going too well. Since the horse market fell a couple years ago, so has the horse tack market. Very sad.

And I also caved in. told my dad to pick up a bag of 10% all stock feed. that is very sad too. BUT, Millie and Belle are ecstatic about the deal ;)

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