Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Man Soap

Yay! We finally made the man soap!!! I took a blend of lots of herbs that smelled, well--'manly'. Then I infused them into olive oil for a couple weeks and then added the mix + some cumin at trace. The soap pot was super fragrant when cleaning up :) We'll see if any of the scents carry through. The color ended up plain tan instead of greenish like I wanted :{

This coming Sunday I'd like to try my hand at Milk and Honey soap. When adding honey to an unscented base its supposed to end up smelling like a sweet bread dough!!!

After that, maybe a batch of Oatmeal again . . . minus the chamomile this time.

For the farm: if Pebbles is pregnant, she is officially 3 months along. I'm seeing some changes but its so hard to tell right now. Not feeling anything kicking yet either.

Also I've been designing a tunic top/dress with a wide neckline. I have the garment base completed but it still needs some embellishing. Then I need to figure out how to model it . . . hmmm who can I torture ;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yummo! Lemongrass soap smelled heavenly today!!!! It made the whole house aromatic and citrusy. I think next time I soap with EO's it would be a snazzy idea to use a fan to blow fumes away . . . EO's are highly concentrated and it probably wasn't too smart breathing it all in :{

I burnt my tongue on the yummo coffee at church today :(

We filled up some of the birdfeeders with black oil sunflower seeds . . . if you fill them, 'they' will come.

My friend is going to be selling me two gorgeous baby doelings this spring!!!!!!!!!!!

There's still a chance Pebbles (the yearling) is pregnant :)

I baked an apple pie.

Now I need to go sew a designer doggie pillow/bed for my puppy, create a diaper for her out of a human baby cloth diaper (for her heat cycles), and then create a pattern for a clothing piece I'm envisioning!!!!

My chocolate soap is now available on my etsy shop, Idlewylde.etsy.com

I cannot wait to plan out the seed order!

Oh, and the lamb's ears, lemon balm, thyme, and chamomile all survived the winter :)

And poor guys . . . the man soap is still on the back burner.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Aura Cacia

Hmmmm, Lemongrass *spoken with a french accent*

I paid 3-4 times more than I should have, but I finally purchased my very first essential oil to soap with! At first I was disappointed at how stinky most of the EO's were, but once lemongrass reached my nosey, it was love at first smell. Think lemon drop candy!!!!!

If I can replenish my coconut oil, then my first scented batch will be completed this Sunday.

Yuppers, it was a busy day today.

The fam went out to town, got coffees, pizza, raided the mall, and purchased bird seeds from the feed mill. What a doll of a day ;) My most recent dollar store finds: a pink flowerpot with little ladybugs and 'grown with love' imprinted in the ceramic, a pink beaded wind-chime, and two packs of gladiola corms!!! I wuv dollar stores.

Come to think of it, two sundays ago I fell in love with an item at Target. It was in the dollar section - meoohaahahahaha - a white coffee mug with a gray and white shih-tzu adorning the front. It has little pink bows in its hair, and just happens to look like my own pup. Have I ever mentioned how much I wuv dollar finds? ;)

Other than all that jazz I'm trying to sell all my saddles :{ Its not going too well. Since the horse market fell a couple years ago, so has the horse tack market. Very sad.

And I also caved in. told my dad to pick up a bag of 10% all stock feed. that is very sad too. BUT, Millie and Belle are ecstatic about the deal ;)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


My soaps are now being displayed at Dew Hills Gifts and Greetings . . . an amazing shop where you can get delish coffee and food! I left 5 coffee soaps and 2 chamomile so we'll see where it goes from there. That pink dell laptop doesn't look to far off :) I do have a sneaking suspicion I will 'have' to make soap more than once a week from now on. Oh, what torture ;)

If all goes well, tomorrow I will make some unscented GM soap . . . and if I feel adventurous, that 'man soap' we've been putting off.

Also, methinks lavender will be my first Essential Oil purchase.

Other than that, now our yard is a giant mud pit! The poor goaties cannot avoid stepping in wetness--they've been quite the little troopers lately. The snowdrops and crocuses should start growing the end of this month with the daffys not too far behind. Last fall I designed a small bed around the mailbox with tulips, daffys, and snake lilies . . . anticipation!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sold Out

My batch of coffee soap . . . its all spoken for! I talked with a local coffee shop owner who is willing to put my soaps on consignment!!!!! We only have one teensy sample for ourselves ;)

To keep ahead of things, I made more coffee soap today. I wuv it! The man soap will be postponed until this coming Sunday.

Hmmmmm, otherwise today was gorgeous. The sun was shining, snow melting, and although the pasture is a mud pit, it was pretty amazing outside. My dad was elected to help measure our horse for a winter blanket. Talk about amusing. Ever since the vet tried taking a rectal temp, the poor horse doesn't trust strange objects near her hiney :)

Yup. Then my lab mutt got loose and decided to visit all the neighbors. There was me, walking down the road in muck boots, whistling like an idiot. Have I mentioned its shedding season? A horse person instinctively knows the day shedding starts . . . when you find horse hair on your mittens, jeans, boots, sweaters, and sometimes in between your teeth.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Un-molding

My chocolate soap is a success! It has a very interesting scent. What baffles me are the morphing color changes. I un-molded the soap (it was a light tan color), let it sit on the counter for an hour where it turned orange. Then I cut the tan-orange log and placed the bars on the curing shelf. I came back a few hours later . . . the inside of the bars turned PURPLE-ish!

Gel was prevented and there were no other additives to produce such an odd change.

At least I have two bars with cool swirls ;)

Soap is so weird ;) Once we make our 'man soap' then we're going to try Pumpkin Soap, another batch of Unscented, and then some Carrot Soap!

Yeah, and my list of stuff to buy for kidding season . . . that's gonna be post-poned. I want to wait until April 1st. Pebbles would be 3 months along and her kid hopefully kicking up a ruckus in momma's tummy! Then we would know for sure ;)

Awesome Product!

I am so amazed at all the talented artisans on Etsy! Recently I discovered that people make unique equine accessories and sell them on the site. Customizable bridle tags, roper reins, horse shampoo bars, saddle pads/blankets, winter turn-outs, bridles. Its so cool!

On the top of my 'to buy' list is this item :

Hand-made by Soaperie Main de Nature

It is a horse and dog shampoo bar!!!!!

My horse had a serious reaction to Mane and Tail shampoo, making me afraid to try other commercial equine shampoos. The solution is above! I cannot wait till I buy one for my horse and the weather starts warming up enough to use it ;)

Nicole also makes an insect repelling Apple and Rosemary. But I plan on buying an Avocado and Tea Tree bar at her recommendation!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Chocolate Milk Soap! And other updates ;)

Yep, I'm at it again! Yesterday I made some chocolate GM soap. It was sooo hard melting Baker's chocolate! But I ended up doing it with a 'double boiler' method ;) We didn't have any cocoa to add to it, plus I heard too much powdered cocoa can give you brown, staining bubbles -- ick! Too much of any chocolate can lend adverse effects but hopefully I did okay. This time I used freezer paper to line the mold; it is waxed on one side. Wax paper is lined on both sides and I think the soap's heat ended up gluing the paper to the inside of the mold.

What I'm hoping for:
SMOOTH, buttery texture
A nice warm brown color
Slight chocolate scent

*Update on Previous Soap* The Chamomile infused Oatmeal soap finished curing yesterday and it is marvelous!
Slight, sweet clover scent (from the chamomile).
Medium suds in hard water! (from amending my recipe)
The large half-moon shapes are great for high-traffic kitchen sinks!
The chamomile heads are not scratchy but gently exfoliating!!!
It is another great bar for eczema :) Chamomile and Oatmeal soothe and reduce inflammation.

*Update on Millie*
She's doing much better! No more shivering, low temps, or 'off'-ness. She's getting that twinkle back in her eye!!! I'll continue feeding her 5 generic Tums a day until this Friday (two weeks total). Also I'm considering supplementing her hay with Alfalfa pellets to provide extra protein and calcium without feeding her grain . . . we'll see. Adios Milk Fever.

This Sunday I'll try my first "Man Soap" recipe. Things to remember; a lot of men hate scratchy things (why do you think Hanes started making tag-less undies!), flowery scents, small soap bars . . . and I forgot the rest. Sorry, eh!