Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Un-Molding . . .

Here's some pictures of my last two batches of Goat Milk soaps!

Coffee-Coffee Soap

It took an hour just to un-mold this! My arms haven't hurt so much since stacking hay ;) Methinks I should try parchment paper to line the mold next time. Wax paper gets soggy and doesn't slide out like it should.

Other than that, this batch ended up perfectly circular, Yahoo!!!!! It smells like chocolate for some reason (a delovely surprise). We'll see what it smells like in 1-1/2 weeks when its done curing. While cutting it into bars this afternoon, I had a strange urge to eat it . . .

Chamomile Oat

We didn't have any vaseline in the house to 'grease' the molds, so I waited over a week before attempting to un-mold these individual soaps. The water content in homemade soap will evaporate over time, making somewhat cured soaps easier to get out.

I added the chamomile heads to this soap along with its infused Olive Oil. Hopefully it won't be too scratchy and hopefully the chamomile scent will stay! I like the yellow-ish color it turned. Each batch ends up such a unique color according to the natural ingredients.

Not sure what the qualities are yet . . . we can't use it until this Sunday!

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