Monday, February 15, 2010

Things I Could Not Live Without

1. The Tare function on my jewelry scale!
2. Silicone spatulas. They make soapmaking a cinch.
3. Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Especially if they have toffee sprinkles!!!
4. Candy thermometers. For making caramels, goat chevre, and heating oils for soap :)
5. Mini-strainers, just because they're so cute!
6. My goat hoof file and trimmers.
7. A pink Dell laptop. *sigh* This is something I will buy with my 'soap money' as soon as it starts rolling in :) It will make my scholarly, business, and digital storage dreams complete. Honestly, I'll probably be the only one without a laptop in school this fall. *sigh* Maybe I can paint a cardboard box pink, print off a dell sticker, and carry it around so I can be like everyone else.
8. HTML tags. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do lots of cool stuff with my blog, posting ads, etc. All I do is search google for "html tags for 'example'"

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