Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last Day of Freedom

Today is my last day of blissful freedom. Three online classes start tomorrow, and one on-campus class starts the day after. While I'm super excited for my business classes, I'm not too excited for the one that 'develops my personal skills as a supervisor' and includes textbooks such as "Time Management", "How to Manage Your Stress", etc. Kind of ironic considering most Tech students are dirt poor, and always financially stressed! I was hoping it would be about the legal issues of firing and hiring employees . . . just goes to show I didn't exactly read my class description ;) But alas, it will get me ready for all my in-person ones this Fall.

News: I'll be starting Millie on a round of calcium home remedies . . . something goat owners frequently do for lack of knowledgeable professionals.
What's on the medicine tray?
Yes, those human antacid tablets. I guess they contain Calcium Carbonate and help prevent hypocaelcemia. She needs 5-6 of them each day for a week or so. If she doesn't eat them, or if the symptoms don't go away, we'll try human Calcium Citrate powder, and top-dress some grain. Maybe mix in some molasses with either one :)

Pray I'll keep my sanity through the next couple months ;) Laverne and Shirley seasons, my puppy, chocolate, coffee, and soapmaking will be my personal anti-stress companions. In all honesty, I actually like school, heehee!

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