Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Soaping Day!!!

Happy Valentine's to all!!!!
For my Valentines day, I made soap. Room-temperature-cold-process soap to be exact ;) This time around I made sure to melt the Crisco, completely! This time, I was able to take my time. For my second batch of soap, I decided to make Chamomile-infused Oatmeal soap. Of course it was made with our home grown Chamomile and Goat Milk. Plus a family member was able to suit up with me, keep me company, and watch me at work ;)

Today was so exciting though. After church we hopped over to a 'dollar' store. I was able to pick up 4 half-moon shaped silicone molds (safe for all appliances), mini strainers, an expendable cookie sheet tray, and more latex gloves. Why was this exciting? Because each item would have been WAY more than $5 in a normal store. That in itself is reason for rejoicing! Oh by the way--that church has AWESOME coffee, yum!

Here's a picture of my saponifying soap in the freezer . . . it will be transfered to the fridge (for a couple days) as soon as I finish this post ;) Then, all the soap has to sit in their molds in the open air for 2 weeks to finish saponifying, cure, and mellow out.

What's next on the Red Brick Farm agenda? To make a batch of coffee soap!!!

What's pressing on Red Brick Farm's mind???? To replenish the birthing bucket, buy a disbudder, buy a tatoo kit, and buy a couple more doelings from my friends!!!! Whew!

What. A. Life. :)

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